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Does anyone here appreciate Jewish humor (an extremely  large part of it, you know, humor) :)?

My boss is Jewish, I get it in large doses!  :laugh: Oh wait, the question was do I appreciate it!  >:-)

Hugs, Devlyn

So a man goes to his psychologist appointment, and they begin their session. The man says "I've barely gottn any sleeo at all last night. The shrink answers back "so why did you get so little sleep last night?" The man says "I had this bizarre dream." The shrink says "go on". The man ways " well last in my dream, my I was sitting in the kitchen and my mother was wearing a salmon dress and preparing dinner and called for me. The shrink answers: "so what's unusual about that?" The patient answers and well she looked like my mother from behind, but then she turned around and she had your face, with a beard and glasses. The shrink answers: "so what happened after that?" The patient says: "the rest of night I was awake and afraid, and I had a Diet Coke, and came to my appointment. thr therapist pauses for a minute and then says " a Diet Coke, a Breakfast you call that?" ;D ;D ;D

paula lesley:
I'm being told this topic is old and do I still want to reply ?

So here's an old joke  ;)

Dinner 1 " The food in here is terrible ! "

Dinner 2 " Yes, and such small portions "

Paula,<3 X.

At the Gurdwara I go to, one of the guys in my cooking misal was raised a Jew. Every time we cook together he tells us a whole series of Rabbi jokes.  I appreciate the humor even though I don't always get some of them -- it's hard not to join in his laughter though. 

I'll try to remember some of the jokes to put in this thread, though it probably won't be as funny without an former Jew in a turban telling them. 


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