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I've had my blog for nearly 5 years now.

I've written as much as I remember myself frankly it started off with escaping reality and as I progressed it was a way for me to explore being a man, because I was scared that I could never be one (thanks for 0 media representation when I was growing up) and I wanted to write like Kerouac, I was obsessed with the way male writers wrote which was looking back a plain cry from myself. The blog has been with me as I had started dating my partner, how we both came out, how I identified as genderfluid at first, how I discovered my sexuality.

My writings would end up being mirrors of what I had felt at the moment, talking explicitly about my struggles and in the end now it talks about dysphoria in the trans stories, actual lack of LGBT representation, so my stories become the representation I always wanted. I grew up not knowing anything, so I wanted to change that. I've tried self-publishing, but I find it unfair because when I was growing up, it would cost a good buck to get a book shipped to where I lived and now with the anti-LGBT laws it's plain impossible, so I keep my blog free for those who need it. Always. Because yeah, there was no one for me, but I can be there for people. I'm also always open to talk there if you ever need it or request a story with a certain LGBT sexuality or identity, because we really need visibility.

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