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Favorite female musicians

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In no particular order, my top 5 are:

Maria Andersson-Sahara Hotnights
Maja Ivarsson-The Sounds
Maddy Wilde-Spiral Beach/Moon King
Victoria Hesketh a.k.a Little Boots
Amanda Palmer

I'd be interested to hear who your faves are =)

Majj Wynn:
I know more singers than musicians, but curious to look at those you put.

But I really love Lindsey Stirling! :D

I love this... It's so dynamic, and fresh! Thanks for sharing this! I include singers in the phrase "musicians", in fact, other than mixing the tracks, and writing lyrics; singing is What Maja does for the sounds.

Amanda Palmer
Emilie Autumn
Regina Spektor

My top four, I couldn't decide on the fifth.

I'll have to look those up, Amanda Palmer is the only one I've heard. Thank you for sharing.


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