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Dyslexia among Transgender Communities?

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I have been as well. Not drastically.

Hence the interest in the subject.

Thanks all. Off to bed.


Wow!  My wife was just asking about this like 2-3 days ago.

I recall some survey a couple of years ago on left-handedness. I guess you can call me Bi-Handed. My mom was a lefty and I did try to emulate her though I am a natural righty.

I've always been a bit dsylexic, No where nearly as bad as my wife is. Still enough to mess me up, especially writing. Which I rely on being a former big stutterer.

Dee Marshall:
I don't have much letter dyslexia for some strange reason, mostly words. I do have todouble check strings of numbers and still get them wrong. Training myself to deal with it I learned to read regardless of orientation. I sometimes read menues upside down just to get a reaction.

The words? There was a group of signs on my college campus I always seemed to read as "please keep your leash on a dog." That kind of thing still happens to me a lot.

Hi, I'm new here. Nice to meet everyone.

I just started thinking about the prevalence of dyslexia in the trans community while watching Caitlyn Jenner's Diane Sawyer interview.  Apparently, Caitlyn grew up with severe dyslexia. 

This forum was the top of the google search results, so I am guessing no one has really studied this question.

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Hi Kyle, welcome to Susan's. I look forward to seeing you around the forums. Good luck and Hugs

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