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To connect to the server, simply enter your username in the edit profile section, then connect to the server through

When you first join, you will spawn in the all new, official Susan's Place Server Spawn. There you will see five portals, walk through one to enter whatever world you wish!

The five portals we currently have are: Skyblock, Survival, Creative, Contest and Arcade.


You'll first enter the world with a few basic wooden tools, and from there you have to build your home block by block after mining, fighting and hunting through the world! Watch out for zombies!

With this world, the only limit is your imagination. Feeling creative? Whether you have 5 hours or 5 minutes, whether you're an expert builder or an MC noob, you can get building right away! Find a spot and get building!

Skyblock is for those of you with more time to spare (or preparing procrastinating exams). You begin with a small island and begin by completing challenges, building farms and trying not to fall off the edge!
Do you have what it takes to climb to the top of the Skyblock leader board?

Contest is where we host our monthly server contests. Check the announcement forum or newsletter to see which contest is being held this month!

The Arcade world is currently a work in progress. It will be a minigame world with activities you can do either single player, or with friends on the server.

Edit: 15/11/15 - Minecraft Server access no longer requires forum registration!