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I was raised as a Christian (Baptist). In my teens, I went into the agnostic/atheist route most kids do as a rebellion against their folks (For the record agnostic & atheist people are cool with me!). I actually went to a Christian college* (Regent University, Pat Robertson's school). So I kind of became a Christian again.

But, more recently since I am embracing the woman I am, I've been drawn to the Divine Female (Feminine) and other Goddesses. I feel really good and warm and welcomed when I talk about this. Christianity had some warmth for me, but a lot of it felt like going through the motions. This is the first time I've general joy and interest in this.

So I think my question is this: Does Wicca have a Divine Female (Feminine) or a Goddess worship at its core? Please bare in mind that I've no clue if I am right here with this. I just want to come and learn. :-)

*For the most part, I really enjoyed my time there. A lot of the courses were based through the Bible. But a lot were also open to interpretation. But what I really liked was that you were held accountable for the work you did. The professors really pushed you to do well.Not just for grades, but for the ability to go to college and learn something. Prior to this, most of my college education
was hands off.

Well, to start, Wicca is a branch of Paganism.  Paganism has many different forms, but generally speaking, there is one great "All" or "Spirit" (think of this as the Christian God the Father).  From there it's usually broken down into a duo-theistic approach, the God and the Goddess.  Like yin and yang they represent the duality, the male and female, the summer and winter of life.  Either from there, or skipping the duo-theistic part, it can be broken down into a polytheistic pantheon of deities.  You're familiar with the Greek gods already, like Zeus, Poseidon, Athena and Hermes, etc...  And their Roman counterparts, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus and Mercury.

So there's a super quick crash course in the concept of Paganism and Wicca.  Wiccans tend to pick and choose their deities in my experience, some from this pantheon, some from that pantheon (and there are dozens or more to choose from!), some forego other deities entirely and work exclusively with the God and the Goddess.  Some also work with spirit guides, but that's getting a bit deep for this conversation.

I don't know if any of that answered your question.  But there are branches of Wicca and/or Paganism that focus almost exclusively on Goddess worship, and this often is what draws people in, trying to get away from the "male-dominated" religion of Christianity.  I believe that male and female balance in worship is more healthy, but I myself am guilty of neglecting the masculine more often than not.


Thank you for your crash course! I'm still not sure what to believe in, but it is a journey as well. But as long as I keep positive about it all things should turn out all right.


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