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ipad and chrome on this site is horrible


hello i use an ipad and when i access this site there are serious slow down problems. only site that does this. for example as i type this message i have to stop and wait like 30-40 seconds as the keyboard pushes the typed characters to the edit box. then i can type a little more, wait, continue, etc... its really weird and this is the only site i have this problem.

issue is ipad3, this site, chrome, incognito mode.

note im in the closet so i use chrome, incognito mode(anonomous), to stay that way.

Other websites have this problem too (not a lot). I have an iPad Air, but that's besides the point. All Apple devices are bound to have this problem because of the inbuilt mobile safari. This website isn't mobile friendly, at least not Apple friendly.

Getting the Tapatalk app from the App Store is much much better (though you can't edit your profile in this app, you can write comments and posts easily without they keyboard constantly disappearing on you).

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

im afraid to use tapatalk. i don't think it will keep me anonymous. more than one person uses my ipad. My wife as example. every other transgender site i visit and there are 3 other places beyond susans i post occasionally and get my news  does Not have this problem.   just saying...

also browsers are more generic and more benign looking than apps that are specific to posting and chatting. stealthy angle again.

anyway its a heads up that susans acts weird compared to other news\community sites

Tapatalk is quite awesome. I think if you log out every time you'll be ok...

I've had issues loading this website on my iPod Touch as well. I understand that there may be workarounds like Tapatalk, but I wonder if there might be a way to optimize this site for mobile a little better. Given the proliferation of mobile internet usage these days, I'd think it would be fairly important for any website to be able to function properly on a smartphone or tablet.
Of course I also know that web and app design aren't always easy, and it could take a lot of work to optimize a site, so I do understand there may be good reasons why it hasn't been done yet.


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