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Reputation Rules


Reputation should only be given to reward exceptional posts, and I mean posts which are really above and beyond the fold. Smites should not be used unless a post clearly violates the rules, policies of the site, or the spirit of the community at Susan's Place. Being awarded reputation should be a relatively rare event, and something to treasure. All reputation is reviewed, and any reputation that was given for inappropriate reasons will be removed. Inappropriate smites will result in warnings and other penalties being given.

Note: Requires 50 posts to give reputation points, but anyone can receive reputation points.

--- Quote ---exceptional - adjective

Far beyond what is usual, normal, or customary: extraordinary, magnificent, outstanding, preeminent, rare, remarkable, singular, towering, uncommon, unusual. Informal standout. Slang awesome, out of sight. See better/worse, usual/unusual.
--- End quote ---


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