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Hello everyone, I am a Hellenic Druid associated with ADF and I was wondering if there was anyone else who identified as Hellenic, Druid, of ADF Druid? Also if anyone else is interested in transmysteries within a Pagan context I would love to strike up a thread about it.

One of the things I have been thinking about is a naming ritual. Has anyone else created Rites of Passage for their transtion?

Melitta Stafford

I'm part of the OBOD tradition of Druidry, along with several others in my area.  We've been an active group for quite a few years now.  I'm still on the Bardic path though.  We have a couple members who are part of the Henge of Keltria as well.  I was trying to turn up the intensity on getting through my Bardic studies this year, but then this whole transgender thing smacked me in the face and began taking over my free time, lol.

I fully understand your struggle. I am working through the Intiate program of ADF and that has been put on halt from everything going on with my transition. However, I can not help but wonder, as I start to work through trance, I can not help but wonder how my transition and my spirituality goes hand in hand. I have been researching the two but all I can find is eunuchs and crossdressing- which is fine but it leaves me (personally) wanting more. However, I have been piecing together some research by sifting through the book: Blossom of Bone by Randy P. Conner. It is a great book but it focuses more on homoerotica and less on transexualism. If you have any source material I would be grateful if you wouldn't mind sharing them with me.



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