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Resurrection of the banned & smited



As a gesture of good will during this holiday season We are wiping all negative reputation points which were received over the last year and We are also rescinding any current bans from this site both the forums and the chat (with the exception of the ban on one former staff member (Elvira)). All prior acts and actions are forgiven. If you are one of the recently unbanned people take this fresh start as an opportunity to return to the community as a renewed and positive contributor.  The entire staff of Susan's Place wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.

And in reference to what Leigh said about the recently unbanned people, Please follow her advice and spare the staff from having to work, we'd rather just join in and have fun and education with the rest of you.

Peace on earth, whatever thats supposed to mean.


Dang Terri, I always thought it was peas on earth. Guess I'll have to change the Christmas menu...

Welcome back folks,


Quiet Dennis, you are making me hungry.



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