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What do you collect?

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Sometimes it seems like bills to pay! 

Chrissy  :)

I collect can tabs from all the energy drinks I drink. And man I have many of them...

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Bras recently
Jeans with 36" inseam

       Am collecting all those shiny campaign placards that arrive in the mail almost daily, regarding the Georgia Senate runoff which is this Tues, Jan 5th. My save folder is currently over 1 inch thick and Dominic, my super-friendly postman, says he gets a huge basket full every day and "can't wait until it's over"!

This election season will be "historic", have NEVER seen so much paraphernalia in my life not to mention also phone calls, texts and emails (mostly begging for money)! lol Apparently I'M VERY IMPORTANT yea right!

A long time ago, in this galaxy, I used to say I collected collections because I would make a bunch of collections of all sorts of things whether it be normal like coins, or really weird like finished Chapstick containers or recite rolls once they ran out in the machine at my cashire job. I still have several collections leftover but probably my main things are Coins and Bottle Caps (like from glass bottles). You could say in a way I collect gamer achievements too on my Xbox cuz I love to 100% games.
When I look at it though this is all probably a sign of some sort of mental disorder but whatever.


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