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hi im not that new here anymore
« on: June 01, 2005, 04:17:35 pm »
Hi most of you know me, im in all the rooms , but chat at #tgtalk
im on hrt since november 2004, and still waiting to become knock dead beautifull , sigh.
Im 56 and overweight , and working on the weight , cant do much about the age.
I am active in the wiki , and want to make it a world class resource for the tg /ts/ cd communiity , so please post there....
I am a woman in the wrong body but i am working to change that by become the woman I was meant to be I was born intersexed 47 chromosomes.
I was born in Bayonne NJ. now living in Phoenix Arizona, USA
I have three beautiful children age 24, 26, 28 and two wonderful grandchildren 5 and 8.
I served in the U.S.A.F. for two enlistments have been almost everywhere during that time.
I joined the air force at age 18 because my father wanted to make a man out of me
and during basic training, two or three days before basic ended, I WAS RAPED. 
I never told anyone about this, and have lived with the shame since 1967,I only told my therapist this about Dec.6 2004, and I am now brave enough to put the info here.
i am on Hormone replacement theropy since Nov. 8, 2004, and wish to get Sex Restorative Surgery in the hopefully near future to complete my life.
my most favorite dream ever was when my oldest son was about to be born and i dreamed i was pregnant i really cried when i woke up and it wasnt true
thanks for listening to me ramble , love ... Ellen
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Re: hi im not that new here anymore
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thanks , im blushing , but definitely not beautifull
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Rose Dawson

Re: hi im not that new here anymore
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2005, 03:59:56 am »
Hi Ellen! :icon_wave:

I know we've chatted quite a bit and joked around but it was good to get to know a bit more about you.

You are a very attractive looking woman who will have no trouble passing. Not to mention you've got a great sense of humor and personality.  ;D

Best of luck as you continue your transition. Be true to yourself and follow your hearts desires.

Much love and support,