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So or 'real' book, - which do you prefer?

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Lady Smith:
I love reading, I always have because the moving picture are better for one thing.  I have shelves groaning with printed books all over my bedroom, but after my daughter gave me a kindle reader for my birthday I've very much become a fan of electronic book readers and hardly ever touch a printed book anymore.

Before the Kindle I had an older Nextbook reader, but the menu interface was clunky and it didn't render some book formats very well so it didn't feature that much in the time I spent reading.  My Kindle reader has changed all that though.  I love the paper white screen which is so much better for reading than my old Nextbook and when I go out anywhere, - especially anywhere where I might have to spend time waiting, - I take my Kindle with me.  Being able to carry dozens of books with me in one slim lightweight device that fits easily into my shoulder bag is wonderful and the battery life on my Kindle is really good and the battery lasts for days at a time before it needs to be charged again.

Don't get me wrong I still have love for printed books and I own a few that are getting to be almost a century old which are wonderful to handle and read, but living with an illness as I do and often having to spend a lot of time in bed my Kindle just plain makes life easier for me.  If you asked me five years ago if I'd allow an electronic device to take me away from reading printed books I would have laughed at the idea, but here I am using one on a daily basis.

So what is your preference when it comes to reading?

I'm about 50/50. I love my kindle fire, but at times it feels better to have a book in my hands.


ebook for fiction, paper for textbooks

Tessa James:
Like you, I love to read.  I was skeptical of e-readers considering the energy use and the discounting they do to authors.  Then I started traveling more and agree with you.  it sure is nice to take that kindle with as many books inside as we want.  I like the dictionary features too.  I got so accustomed to it that once when reading a paper book I started pushing on the word like it was going to pop up--duh

I wonder what could happen if our magnetosphere fails, even briefly, and the digital world goes poof?  I'll be heading back to the library shelves for something real or start cave painting :D


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