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Study: "Networks of the brain reflect the individual gender identity"

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I came across this article about a week ago, and I thought others here may be interested in the findings.

Link to article here:

Extract from article:
"In a current study, brain researcher Georg S. Kranz of the University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the MedUni Vienna was able to demonstrate that the very personal gender identity of every human being is reflected and verifiable in the cross-links between brain regions.

While the biological gender is usually manifested in the physical appearance, the individual gender identity is not immediately discernible and primarily established in the psyche of a human being. As the brain is responsible for our thoughts, feelings and actions, several research institutions worldwide are searching for the neural representation of gender identity."

Reference: “White matter microstructure in transsexuals and controls investigated by diffusion tensor imaging.” Kranz GS, Hahn A, Kaufmann U, Küblböck M, Hummer A, Ganger S, Seiger R, Winkler D, Swaab DF, Windischberger C, Kasper S, Lanzenberger R. Journal of Neuroscience 2014 Nov 12; 34(46):15466 –15475 [2013, IF: 6.747]

Link to PubMed Abstract:

That does sound promising for a biologic reason for transsexualism. Of course my guess it will get dismissed as just one study as not enough proof. On the bright side it does give validity to our condition. I may be odd one but finding the truth about myself is an important factor how important that really is in the future for me at least might not be but one thing that did resonate with how I feel is this. I do feel that I am stuck in the middle yet being pulled to one direction if that makes any sense and the study does elude to that in that there are varying degrees of gender. Admit sometimes the truth may hurt but it can also be a boon. Time will tell how this study unfolds:)

Thanks for the link.  I wish the full article were available without paying for it. 

Their results don't surprise me.  I have some very speculative theories about a sort of "mathematics of gender."  I think that if you look at the mathematical ways that men and women solve problems, you will find biases for each gender, and transgender people will reflect this in the way they think. 

I think that this would be for at least certain thought processes.  I wouldn't expect that all thought processes fall under this paradigm.  The thought processes for self-identification would be different than the ones you would use for solving complex science problems, for instance, I would think.

My premiss is that women tend to use more statistical processes for self-identity while men use more deterministic processes.  This would explain why women tend not to be fanatics about things like abortion and Obamacare, while men can get really riled about things like "the constitution" and the "sanctity of life."  Women see the world as much more statistical rather than rigid and deterministic.

Just some broad speculation, and I would like to gain access to hard data.  Maybe I'll purchase that article.

However, controlling for individual estradiol, testosterone, or progesterone plasma levels or for subjects' sexual orientation did not change group differences


Why do we have to see psychologists at all O.o
Seems like unnecesary jumping through hoops.

Thanks for the link Swayallday.  I'll be reading through the article and will probably have more comments on it.



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