Author Topic: Anyone experience Dr Peter Haertsch bottom surgery in Australia?!?!  (Read 1247 times)

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Hey Everyone, I'm currently living stealth and have been on T for almost 6 years now and have only found out there is a surgeon in Australia who does FTM bottom surgery, Dr Peter Haertsch in Sydney. I'm desperate for information on him as I have been previously planning on a Meta to keep erectile tissue, sensation and STP, and i was going to go do this with Dr Curtis Crane. Only problem is really the funding that I can't come up with, at the moment it's a total of $41000 USD including complete lap hysto. Having someone closer to home is a lot more cost effective and will ensure that I can actually have the surgery in the near future as opposed to "sometime in the future" which causes me a great deal of anxiety and dysphoria.

If anyone knows of reviews about his technique or anything at all to do with him as a surgeon. I would greatly appreciate it. I will be seeing him July 9 for an initial consult to go through his techniques, costs, etc.

Look forward to hopefully hearing from people... fingers crossed!!