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Looking for a new laptop.

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Can't really recommend anything since models available vary by country and region but I'd say lenovo's dell's toshiba's are fairly good (if possible try not to buy from their cheap line). Get one with a good full hd screen if possible. 1366x768 is so low. I don't have a macbook but probably I wouldn't buy one (too expensive etc).

For gaming I wouldn't get a laptop. Regarding video editing get one with a fairly strong cpu [beware of the Ultra power saving models] , gpu and lots of ram (or available slots for so-dimm). 8gb on laptop for medium- heavy use is more or less ok. If you intend to heavily use virtual machines I would advice 12 or 16gb (although 8gb is more or less ok for pretty much everything, based on normal use).

I'd go for atleast i5 processor and 700+ series NVIDIA video card (GPU)

500-700€ (500-800bucks?)

If you don't do any gaming that will suffice and the rest isn't that important.

Otherwise do CTRL+ALT+DEL and start a new task and type dxdiag if you will.
copy the .txt file and upload it here so I can compare whether you have to throw so much money at it or not:p


I was a PC user for all of my working life. After I retired I needed to replace my old laptop. I found my new 13 inch Macbook Pro and will never look back. Does everything I like and more!

Love my Satellite too, mines about 3 yo now, but will look at a Mac next... will mean changes, but I won't miss all those MS Windows updates and hiccoughs they cause!

L Katy

Lady Smith:
My daughter studied computer science and electronics at university and works here from home doing programming and software creation at a fairly esoteric level.  She has always said she wouldn't own a Mac as their walled garden approach to everything is too much of a pain in the butt to work with.  They are expensive too for what they can actually do.

I used an IBM Thinkpad T30 for many years and loved it.  I only retired it because it simply became too old to run modern software at any kind of useful speed anymore.  I have an older HP/Compaq Presario C500 laptop running Windows 7 at present which only really gets used when I go to the library or if I'm writing.  I don't really do anything demanding on it so it does for me at present.
One thing about HP laptops though, some models had poor processor cooling and would slowly cook themselves over time and fail prematurely.  The one I bought for my son when he was doing his law degree did this and was a big disappointment.

My daughter has a Dell laptop that she drags around everywhere with her and it seems to be virtually indestructible.  I've lost count of how many different operating systems she's run on it over the time she's owned it, battery life is good too.  If I was in the market for a new laptop myself I would buy a Dell.  Don't be scared off by Windows 8.1, it works fine, better than the previous versions of Windows truth be told.  And don't let the tablet thing worry you either as there are plenty of laptops on the market and will be for a long time.


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