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so sad that there seems to be so many who reject the idea of God

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I'm totally at a loss to express my sadness that there seems to be so many that reject God. People have been led astray some how. There seems to be a lot who are affected by bad experiences and bad family situations. I'm truly sorry that the love I experience from God is not shared among all. I experienced a revelation some 40+ years ago that showed me the immense love that fills the universe and is called God. I pray endlessly for that love to be seen and shared. It just saddens me to no end that the there are so many that don't understand how beautiful that love is. I wish I knew how to help people see that love. Maybe some day I'll find a way.

i dont wanna turn this into a debate but for me, if GOD existed, than GOD is either incredibly evil or a incredibly selfish. i was rejected most of my life, than he makes me trans and now the one i love with all my heart, i can't be with. but i respect other people's religion however as long as they dont force it on me

Beth Andrea:
There is no evidence that there is a God/god/goddess/goddesses/Deity...

That said, I myself do believe there is a "something" that would be worthy of the name, but that "something" is far beyond my understanding, at least until I shed this body and become the form of my Soul. Guidance is available if one seeks it.

Is there life after death?

There is no evidence for or against. Again, it is my belief that there is.

Don't feel sad for me though, Stephanie. Your God, if real, will surely tell me on "Judgement Day"...and whatever befalls me, is mine to bear.


 I wish I could some how show you my perception of God's love, you may or may not see it , but I would be content at least in the fact that I had tried. God let nature take it's course and have me deal with being trans. I'm mayby an odd one , but I love who I am trans and all.

I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't of started this thread, I just read another thread where there are those who don't think about God and I started crying inside. My problem is that 40 years ago I stumbled into a church on a college campus seeking a quite and safe place to do LSD. It turned out to be an obsession and I found my Lord and I just feel like shedding oceans of tears for those that turn from God. I sorry I just wanted to get this off my chest I guess because God's love is so much of why I'm still alive.


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