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Laura Eva B:
Dianette comprises cyproterone acetate & ethinylestradiol ....
Its a regular contraceptive in the UK ....
Pre-op I was on cyproterone and estraiol hemihydrate (as I was wary of ethynil and its reported thromboembolic problems) .... but here in the UK its still a preferred combination for younger TS.
These pages allow naming of other meds .... why ban mentioning a drug that maybe 33% of UK trans-women are taking ?

The key words are "a regular contraceptive." It's not a HRT medication. I don't know of any doctor who would attempt to prescribe it for feminization. I would suggest that the interest in it is because it's most likely being used by some TS's for self medication due to it's easier availability. I stated my reasons on the first message in this topic. Neither those reasons, nor the ban on discussing it here at this site have changed.

Ginette 35 is Diane 35 renamed and is a banned topic. See post or posts above for more information.


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