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To all representatives of Doctors, Businesses, or Product Sales


In relation to all discussions of products or services.

Codyboy1989 has been posting on the forums promoting ReelMagik products, he has also spoken negatively about other companies products; well it turns out at the same time he was working for the Reel Magik Company without disclosing that fact to the members of these forums.

If you are here as a representative of a Doctor, Business, Company, or Product that you have a financial interest in, and you do not disclose that fact in  your forum signature you will be banned.

If it happens again any company doing so will have all discussion of their products or services banned from these forums as well, and since we reach over 250,000 unique monthly visitors that will likely end up hurting your bottom line.

So again if you are here representing someone other than yourself, disclose that in your forum signature. You have been warned.

This will be strictly enforced.

Threatening members as a result of their posts

I also will not tolerate anyone sending threatening or hostile messages to members as a result of their posts here. If I find any person representing Doctors, Businesses, or Product Sales, or even suspected of doing so, I will ban all discussion of that product or service on this site for a period of 1 year. This will be enforced by the moderation staff.

In order to stop someone from sending messages to in order to discredit a product or service, I will be quite happy provide to the company in question all account information about the person claiming to represent them in that instance. If they get a judicial ruling against the person responsible for the action I will then remove the ban.

If you or your company feels that a message about your product or service crosses the lines of acceptable conduct, you are free to report the post or private message for staff review. If we agree then the post may be edited or removed; if it is abusive other sanctions may apply.

This policy does not prevent a company from directly contacting a member to discuss their issues in an attempt to address or satisfy member concerns.


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