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What Color lies beneath.
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“What Color Lies Beneath the Skin”

Before you buy your make-up and clothes for that matter you may want to try doing the following. Find out what color lies beneath your very top layer of skin. Try this. Turn your inner wrist up. Look closely at the veins. Are they more blue than slightly greenish? More blue is generally a cool undertone in your skin. Where more greenish is more the warm tones n your skin. When you know this you can have the radiant glow of healthiness most of the time. Have you ever had someone tell you that you look tired, when in fact you had plenty of sleep and don’t feel tired at all. Chances are it’s the color you have on. If you have warm undertones in your skin and you are wearing something from the cool side of the color wheel then you probably won’t look your best and the result will be those darker circles under the eyes. It is true the other way around also. Cool undertone in the skin and you are wearing warm colors that day, the result will be same story.

Go to a fabric store and take a friend along. Go bare skin on your face and shoulders (no make-up). Bring a good-sized hand mirror with you. Pull your hair back tight away from your face. If your hair is too short to pull away find a piece of fabric (thickness and type doesn’t matter) in as close to you flesh color around your hair line as possible and wrap it around your hair turban style.

Now that you are prepped, in the fabrics pick a pastel pink (true pink is cool where peachy is warm based), blue (if it’s a slight aqua it warm toned base), yellow, (if it has an orange tone it’s a warm tone), green (mint is a cool base…yellowish is a warm tone base), white (off white is warm tone base). Now gather cloth in these colors. Drape some of the cloth around you shoulders and under the chin. Look in the mirror you brought with you, notice the under eye area. Does it make you look sleepy? Does it appear that you have dark circles under your eyes? (Well ok…darker than usual.) On the other hand does your eye color show brighter? Do your cheeks seem to have a more flushed color? Does your uneven tones of the skin blend in and look more smooth and even not sallow and subdued or rutty.

You are looking for colors that appear to even the skin tone and brighten your eyes and bring natural color to your cheeks. If you go to a Craft store in the paint department you can get a color wheel. It will have colors divided by warm, which as yellowish to golden undertones and then cool colors, which have gray to blue under tone. Once you have decided you look better with warm or cool colors then on the wheel you’ll find the darker tones of the same basic colors. Those you can switch too in different times of the year. Spring and Autumn are opposites and Summer and Winter are opposites. Another way to think of the colors is what colors you see most in which season always remembering to stay in the warm or cool base tones regardless.

Now that you have done this now let’s move on to make-up. SPF15 important sun protection.

“Bare Escentuals” are the best make-ups for covering and concealing age-spots, blemishes and uneven skin tones. It is a mineral powder base. They come in 1) Fair, 2) Fairly Light to light, 3) Medium Beige to Medium, 4) Tan to Medium Tan, and 5) Dark to Deep. You need to choose which skin color group you best fit. These go on with a brush. It’s easy. There’s no blending and make up line.

Now, how to get that glow that give that really healthy happy look? It’s called bronzing, and it comes in a cool color or a warm color. The cool base will be on the pinkish side. The warm is more on brownish golden bronze. This is brushed just under the hairline on the forehead, on the topside of the cheekbones, lightly down the center of the nose bone, and in the front of the chin where the sun would have kissed a bit of color naturally, not going to the side towards the jaw bone.

Unless absolutely needed save blush for evening. The natural bronzing I mentioned earlier will take you for your everyday wear. (add blush when that monthly cycle of the HRT causes you to be a bit low and not your general bright and radiant self.)

Finish now by using the allover mineral veil. This will minimize pores, lines, and shine.  It’s so light you won’t even no you’re wearing it. It’s a gorgeous, soft-focus finish.

Eyes are the most important feature on your face. They are the part when you speak to someone you want them looking at because that is where you will be looking on theirs’ when you are talking. You want something that is most natural but enhancing and draws attention to them. It is said eyes are the windows to the soul. Let them draw people in to see you truly as you are.

You don’t want them to shout but you want to enhance expression. You will want a neutral base color the blend or is just a little lighter than your natural skin color. Regardless of the color of eyes use dark browns or mauve or slate gray or slate blue (almost a gray-blue charcoal) (remember to choose a warm or cool color depending on your out come at the fabric store) in the fold of your eyelid, use a light brown tone on the rust or rose side on the lower lid above the eyelashes. If you choose to wear liner choose again a color in you warm or cool tones. Warm dark brown or Black and Black brown. There are tricks to this too. Depending on your eye shape you will want thin in one area and thicker in another. I‘ll go into this for each whom wishes to know, if you desire. Finish with Mascara in same color as liner. The white line on the lower lid above the lashes is great to draw your eye forward for those whom have deep-set eyes. There are also tricks for wide apart eyes. I can address those for anyone wanting to know that too.

I’ll do another post for evening and special occasion shadows.

Lips are also important because a smile can tame a lion. A liner helps to keep your lip color from bleeding into the skin surrounding your lips. Keeps one from looking as though a child helped put their make-up on. Some lip color products or worse than other for staying put. If you’ll look at your lips natural boarder-line, most often than not it’s lighter in color. A neutral kind of a taupe color is best. Then you don’t look like you’ve been coloring in a coloring-book outlining the picture. Daytime and natural enhancement looking is the key again. At night and more high fashion go with just slightly darker that the shade of lip color you’ve chosen. Choosing that color again is important. You don’t want the only thing on your face to appear to be your lips. There is a balancing act between the eyes and the lips going on. Generally when you pick out a color that color would actually have a light shade, medium shade or darker shade. If you look best in bold colors in your clothing then you want a bold or dark deep tone on your lips. If you are person more suited to pastels, then you want a light shade softer look. If in dought the medium shade will work best in this pinch either way.

There you just had the Mini make-up session I give the young Ladies that come to me for interview help. These guidelines are what many of the Miss USA and Mrs. USA use. Below is a link of where to get these Bare Escentuals Products. I know when you watch these pageants on the TV you hear adds for other products. That’s not because they wear them. It’s because the companies are supporters of the pageant system wanting this famous person to sell their product. Lots of the women that win and hold these titles don’t use these brands. There are some that do but most don’t. The heaviness on the face under the stage lights can cause an oily looking sweaty appearance, not what they want to project. So they wear what I have shared with you. 

I hope this will be helpful to you,


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Re: What Color lies beneath.
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Hello Peggiann,

A very good article, from someone in the know.  I'm going to review this and update or add to our Wiki with your suggestions.



Re: What Color lies beneath.
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Thank you Stephanie, for the compliment on my post. Here is another thought

There is an in home consultation by "Beauty Control” that does Color Draping but it can be very expensive. It done the same I as I explained only the color cloths are precut about a yard square. The consultant just charges you for telling you what I told you to look for when looking in the mirror. They use dramatic bright lighting that is not needed and then try to sell you a lot from the make-up line they carry. The make up is a good line but nothing can compare, I feel to that of "Bare Ecentuals" I want the best with the minimum stretching to delicate skin, I use this and would only recommend using the best it will help keep you looking younger and give a healthier look that all women want and strive to maintain. I have always had people think I look as many as 10 to 20 years younger than I really am. I believe this can be attributed to the skin care routine one uses on a daily basis. Which also takes in many areas. That's a whole other article though.

An in home consultation is not a bad thing for those wanting to have a make-up how -to's giving them pointers for personal application. The privacy of ones home instead of in the store is ok too.

I take each persons that comes to me for interview polish and stage modeling to the store and go through this same process because lighting is normal everyday and stage lighting is note complimentary to anyone and washes out natural color. Learning how to apply make under those conditions takes a bit of practice. For this I take to client to the stage itself and teach them there. Stage lights very from stage to stage.

I could help on the Wiki in these area if you tell me what you need information on.



Re: What Color lies beneath.
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Hi Peggiann:  I find this post very helpful and am glad to see it will be posted in Wiki.  I will practice using these tips to improve my image/look.  Any other tips you wish to share regarding make-up techniques would be appreciated by myself at the very least and I'm sure others at my stage of development.



Re: What Color lies beneath.
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I glad I could be of help Molly.

Just ask anthing you are wondering and I'll try and answer for you. I can probably do a facial assessment for shape of eyes, shape of face itself, to help with what angles to apply color for a more attractive more slimming look. when I can see a picture image I can also tell hair color and skin tone color kind of and make suggestions for color from them. All you need do is let me know your interested in this and would like me to do this for you. I can email it back PM instead of on the the thread if a person wishes. but then again others will learn from the suggestions too.

Just remember to look for the coors that give you the healthy and radiant glow. That's a big step in the right direction.



Re: What Color lies beneath.
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Hey Steph,

Sounds like you have one of those volunteers your looking for.