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I realise that FFS raises intense interest. I also know that there are malicious and unhelpful comments on this forum.

I find this so sad. Many women want or may need FFS and the people here can help each other in an open and honest way. I appreciate the posters who have revealed their professional relationship with teams. Thank you.

But I will not tolerate libel, trash talking, or other rude comments about various teams be you a client or a team member.

if such activity continues I will close this area down for a period. That would be a great sorrow and a bad outcome for the majority of women who want honesty and truth about their procedures.

Honesty and truth can be posted in a civil and helpful way without insult.

I will leave it to you if you want this area left open or if I close it.

I hope your posts and actions allow me to keep this area open for the benefit of all of you.

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