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Morning all - enjoying a nice cuppa rosie lea here before I go down them apples to face the day.


Who genuinely lives in Tooting in south west London - not Australia or Arizona

Oh and if you didnt understand the lingo it was my poor attempt a a bit of cockney.

As a kid I always squirmed when an american talked about someones "fanny" on the TV. I couldn't understand how they got away with it!

Also thought the constant references to peoples underwear(pants!) was most inappropriate.

I'm from Glasgow..ish. Which opens up another whole kettle of fish. Language-wise.

Dee Marshall:
I was inoculated early. I was raised in Michigan, but my grandfather was from Cornwall and lived just down the street. I knew that boots weren't just for feet and that lifts don't always go in shoes at an early age.

Oh, and after hearing about the epilady, "epiphany" gave me a giggle. Much more painful in Britain than America.

Sad to miss - for about the 15th year in a row - the August bank holiday. Mind you there was always that sense of end of "summer" about it, even if September often had better weather. Because it was followed by the miserable trudge back to school.


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