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Dealing With it, How do You
« on: September 01, 2015, 04:19:47 pm »
The other day, I was online, playing with an online aquaintence. After a while, the subject of humour came up, and I moved it in the direction of I find it difficult at times, because Im well awear that "clowning" is a form of humour that has been done for ages.

Putting pillows up ones shirt, to mimic and mock large people.

But when that method of humour is done to mock a transperson I feel differently towards it.

Exagerated makeup, and rather silly looking over extravagant female attire.

Well, the point of this post, Isnt about that, and is just a run up to what appened next. Exspressing that thought was the first time, anything trans related got brought up, dont get me wrong he hasnt misgendered me since I came out to my online friends list, and he calls me by my name, even though he could use my online tag.

Anyway, he says,
"Iv'e decided to come out as trans too"

My responce was a bit sceptical, So after a pause I SAID.
"realy? How so?"

He said,
"Im trans finantial"

My responce was, brief silence whilst I took In the implications after an initial

Anyway, He followed up on this with,
"I'm a rich person, In a poor persons body, and I need you to give me money to make my Identity a reality"

So, ofcourse I found this as marginalising of identity (you cant just say what kind of person you are and exspect others to help make you that person), I was shocked, at this comming out of his mouth. But, I responded with a longer pause as I though about how best to react to this, but in the end said,
"Isn't that the same for everybody?"

Anyway this time, they paused and went,

I said

His responce was
"Yeah I suppose it is"

Anyway, I think I did well, In pointing out that the two are not the same thing, which I think the joke was hinting at.
I also think that this person afterwards and having thought about it, understood this, and saw how disrespectfull the "joke" comment was. He didnt exacly apologise but he did realise I was offended, which I dont belive was his intent.

I was just wondering, how others might react in this situation, shy of becomming outwardly outraged and angry?

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Re: Dealing With it, How do You
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2016, 12:13:37 am »
"I'm a rich person, In a poor persons body, and I need you to give me money to make my Identity a reality"

  think he had the makings of a good joke but a bland punchline. do not think it would be offensive to me.
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