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How about collections?

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I think it's always interesting to go to someones home and view the things they collect. I like to hear where they got each piece and the storie behind them.


melissa, me also, when I was young I used to collect stamps & later coins - but haven't for many years now. Thou I guess I now collect plants-  I grow bromeliads & with buying & swapping  have a collection that is starting to strain my wifes patience (the space required for it keeps expanding, taking over more & more of our yard). She is starting 2 suggest I sell or give some away (I don't think she understands compulsions :)

“Stuffed animals (bears and the like)”
I am **SO** glad I am not the only one who calls them that. (I say stuffed critters technically)… I get some of the strangest looks sometimes until I explain.

Books, well you can **never** have to large of a library, though I probably don’t qualify as a collector just an enthusiast.

I like the idea of collecting music boxes... perhaps someday when I’ve more room to my name ;)

I’ll have to just cast my stone to the “Stuffed animals (bears and the like)” category though, I’m rabid about that but not the other things (=

Jillieann Rose:
I like to collect Star Wars and other Science Fiction books. Lots of nature books too.
Also I am collect old computers systems.

Gillian say's that I collect dust :)



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