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Abby S.:
Hi group, I am new here, so here is a short intro:

I was raised in an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish home. I am a girl, wrongly assigned boy at birth. Since I remember myself I felt like a girl, but convinced myself that I am crazy because of that. I was struggling with my identity throughout my childhood (duh, obviously), so I tried several different versions of Hasidic culture, until I finally left that community. For a while I wasn't involved with Judaism at all, until I found myself really comfortable in the Jewish Renewal Movement.

However, even after that this 'crazy' feeling of being female did not disappear, and I became more and more depressed. (Check my blog for more).

Finally a few months ago I gave in to myself and started my transition. I am currently one week on Hrt and never felt better!!!!

I wanted to share two recourses related to Judaism and Trans*: (it is against policy to post links, so just look it up).
Trans Torah - a helpful site with resources etc., regarding Judaism and transition. Especially it has nice rituals for different points in transition.

Romemu - a Jewish Renewal synagogue and rapidly growing community on the Upper West Side in NYC. Besides being liberal, progressive, traditional, spiritual, and fun, they are extremely welcoming to trans people. They are not just accepting, but supportive and encouraging!
Great place to celebrate a name change ritual at the Torah! (Just one example).

Also check out my blog for weekly updates!

Shalom aliechem Abby! I am also in the process of trying to reconnect with my Judaism while dealing with transition. I look forward to your posts and wish you a L'Shanah Tova :) 


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