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Rejection from muslimah

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--- Quote from: Shakira on October 07, 2015, 02:16:40 am ---That's a realy sad story brother, I'm in a similar situation and understand how much this hurts.
Your wife has been reading the wrong books and limiting herself to what the Saudis have been propagating for the last 40 years since they came into money.
There's a lot of other opinions,1400 years worth, some for some against lgbt being ok.
And thats all they are, opinions.
Lut's people were heterosexual, psychopathic,power rapists.
When Allah condemned them for wanting to rape Lut's guests he asks why? When you have wives at home?
Get your wife to read Scott Kugels book on homosexuality and Islam, there are gay Imams more knowledgable than us who are out and satisfied that being lgbt is compatible with Islam and not a major sin or forbidden.
Thr Quran tells us to seek knowledge, to use our own brains and form our own opinions.It tells how the followers of previous messengers went astray by giving thier priests and rabbis more say about what is and isn't allowed instead of following Allahs message.
I used to be a lot like your wife when I was new to Islam, most of us turn into a Grand Mufti or a halal policeman
when we're green and enthusiastic.Expose her to the beauty of Islams diverse opinions and traditions, get her to see there is more than one answer to every question.

--- End quote ---

This is a great answer imo.
In all religions people should make up their own minds and get an own feeling for what is right and wrong.
Listening to outside sources and giving the power away leads to outside manipulation.
If people learn to listen to their intuition it will b e a better world for all.



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