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Pueraria Mirifica and related 'breast growth' products plus other HRT policies.


Due to a recent thread and ensure no other threads like it get going in other parts of the forums. This now being posted in this part of the forums too. It should be noted this is a long standing policy.

Discussing HRT Medications

You may discuss over the counter, prescription medications, and (OTC) herbal supplements in the HRT board provided doing so falls under the terms of service.

You may not disclose excessive copyrighted information on the site that you do not own the rights to, and you may not use trademarked program names.

You are prohibited from making medical diagnoses or recommending a specific product, or course of treatment. You can and should recommend that someone should discuss topics of that nature with their doctor.

A, B, and C of Rule 8 from the Terms of Service applies to HRT drugs which require a prescription by law.

Items A, and C also apply to discussion of OTC herbal alternatives to prescription HRT drugs.

--- Quote ---8. The discussion of hormone replacement therapy(HRT) and it's medications are permitted, with the following limitations:A. You may not advocate for or against a specific medication or combinations of medication for personal gain. This is strictly prohibited.
B. You may not discuss the means to acquire HRT medications without a prescription. The discussion of self medication without a doctors supervision is prohibited.
C. The discussion of recommended or actual dosages is strongly discouraged to prevent information obtained on this site from being used to self medicate.
--- End quote ---

You may not discuss Pueraria Mirifica or Diane-35 on this site at all due to their being linked with serious health complications.

If we feel that someone is intentionally violating part A of rule 8, all mention of that product will be prohibited on the site. This has already happened once before with Diane-35.

Pueraria Mirifica and related 'breast growth' products

--- Quote ---It is the current policy of this site to remove testimonial posts endorsing the use of the Asian herb Pueraria mirifica (also known as "White Kwao Krua"), for the purpose of increasing breast size in male- or female-bodied persons.

This prohibition also applies to Butea superba ("Red Kwao Krua"), and other products deemed by this site to constitute a hoax on its membership.
--- End quote ---

Diane-35 discussion not permitted

No sane or competent doctor would prescribe this acne medication/contraceptive as a medication for HRT in Male to Female Transsexuals. I have in the past banned discussion of the use of specific drugs, and I think it's time we do it again... A Google search only finds this drug mentioned in health warnings, self medication forums, and on online pharmacies.


--- Quote ---One example of a drug that has been advertised in Canada is Diane-35 (cyproterone and estra-diol).

* Diane-35 is associated with a greater risk of potentially fatal blood clots than other estrogen-progestin drugs and has also been associated with liver cancer.
* it has not been approved in Canada for birth control.
* it has only been approved for use in women with severe acne that has been unresponsive to other treatments.
* it has been heavily advertised to teenaged girls for off-label use (the girls pictured in the Diane35 ads clearly do not have severe acne).
* This is blatantly illegal advertising.
--- End quote ---

Excerpt from a Canadian scientific study...

--- Quote ---Diane-35 is approved only as therapy for androgen-sensitive skin conditions, including hirsutism and severe acne unresponsive to oral antibiotic therapy.4 Treatment with Diane-35 should be discontinued 3–4 menstrual cycles after a woman's skin condition has resolved.4,5 Warnings to minimize a woman's exposure to the drug result in part from the association with venous thromboembolic disease...

What to do: Diane-35 should be reserved for temporary use in women with serious acne and should not be used solely as an oral contraceptive. All women who use combination oral contraceptives are at risk of venous thromboembolism and should be informed of this rare but potentially serious adverse effect, particularly if they are taking Diane-35.

--- End quote ---
New Zealand

--- Quote ---For example, when new serious risks were revealed through research into 3rd generation oral contraceptives, Diane-35, and HRT, the Ministry of Health, and other agencies such the New Zealand Guidelines Group and consumer organisations bore the cost of promulgating the new information to consumers.
--- End quote ---

So again discussing Diane-35 is not acceptable on this site. Take it elsewhere.


--- Quote ---The names of the pharmacy's are not allowed either if they allow you to get prescription drugs without a prescription.
--- End quote ---
This policy falls under TOS 8 and the prohibited topic of discussing how to self medicate.

Additions to the rules in regards to meds that fall under the dosage rules of TOS 8.

--- Quote from: Jamie D on June 12, 2013, 04:16:22 pm ---Folks, although we are talking about medications that have an application for blocking DHT and helping stop, or reverse, male pattern baldness, we need to keep in mind that finasteride and duasteride are also prescribed as anti-androgens for the purpose transsexual HRT.

Consequently, an Administrator has advised that the dosages for these two medications be redacted in conformity with Rule #8 of the terms of service.

Thanks for your cooperation.

--- End quote ---

Ginette 35 is Diane 35 renamed and is a banned topic. See post or posts above for more information.


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