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Am I Allowed To Enroll Under My Chosen Name?

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I want to do Umass' 'University Without Walls' program for a bachelor's degree in writing. The program can be taken online, and financial aid covers it, so it's pretty promising. The only problem was, I remembered in order to enroll, you obviously have to put your name on the registration form... Your legal name.

Umass clearly states they are very open to different races, sexes, orientations and whatnot, and I asked the admins if I could put a different name on the form (I'm waiting to hear back), but I'm not sure if I can just write 'Kyle' where it says name. Especially with financial aid concerned; if the name on the FAFSA doesn't match the name on the class register, I'm worried it'll cause an issue. And I'm not sure I can enroll as 'Kyle' on FAFSA either...

What are your experiences with names on school records and what not? The only reason I'm concerned at all, is because my legal name will show up on the degree when I finish the program. I don't want that.

and I forgot! Checking M or F made me anxious, too...

Hi Kyle to my knowledge you have to change your name and gender in the court system witch is very easy to do. And it only took me three weeks and it was done. Then you can only put your new name and they have to except it. Good luck and best of wishes to you.

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Just thought I would mention this too. I had gone to the Salem probate court and when my docket was called the judge asked me to come up to here bench and was so sweet and private. She smiled at me and wished me a long and prosperous life. And did this so no one else in the courtroom could know anything. She made me feel very special and she gave me so much respect. So it is not all bad out there. Best of luck! ️

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You'll need to put your legal name on school records until you legally change it. For the most part, school stuff gets tied into your social security number, so whatever name you're using needs to match what is on there. If you call the Registrar's office after you apply, they may be able to put a preferred name or update your name internally so that professors don't use the wrong name with you.

As far as gender, that should also be whatever is currently on your driver's license or ID card. If you're planning to live on campus, call the Housing office and see if they have a policy for transgender students or if they offer gender neutral housing assignments.

It's very easy to update once you've legally changed it. I went in to both schools I went to several years after the fact and they had everything updated for me in less than ten minutes. Even printed me out fresh transcripts for free to celebrate.


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