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I always think about societies views of different people and I have come to the conclusion which I am sure other people have is that people that Hate Transgender Folks is because they fear what they cannot understand or grasp in their minds that people can be born into the wrong body and so not understanding that and fearing that it turns into HATE which is pretty sad.

People are not born hate and it is taught and I am so glad that I have never hated anyone for anything. At first when I came out as gay to my parents and relatives I was so scared and I was nervous people would reject me and I had family members that don't agree with my lifestyle but they still love me and accept me which is awesome and there is no hate that I see towards me.

I have always been Transgender because I was born a boy but have always known deep down inside that I am a Girl and that I want to be a women so badly. I am scared to come out to my family because I am not sure how they will respond. Yet I also realized that I can be around them and not dress up as a woman if I do make the transition and I wouldn't do it to just make them happy, I would be nervous about how they would react.

cheryl reeves:
You need too focus on what makes you happy. I've dealt with those who do not like how I live, I tell em its my life not yours.. I love this part of a Charlie Daniels song,if you don't like the way I'm living you can just leave this long haired country boy/girl alone.

I agree that it begins with the inability to understand but I really think the explanation for the hatred is much more basic than fear.

Like it or not, western civilization is heavily built on the foundations of Christianity and the Bible.  To a conservative Christian the bible is God's literal word and it's pretty clear in there that homosexuality is condemned.  Transsexuality is not addressed but to them it's homosexuality in a different guise.  So, since God hates it then their hatred is righteous service to God.  If hatred is too strong a word then call it total rejection and condemnation.  From the receiving end the difference is simply semantics.

Once in a while someone might break out of their mindset when they actually know someone.  But it's hard for them because it strikes at the very foundation of their belief system, the Bible. 

I only speak from my own experience since I came from that background and used to teach adult Bible classes.

Now I'm an atheist, or at least really close, and am at peace with myself.

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It is a technique of weak leaders to inspire their followers to be afraid of someone.

"Listen to me so you can be good people"

does not inspire devotion the same way as

"Listen to me, otherwise those awful LGBT (or black or immigrant) people will destroy your way of life."

It's a way for leaders to get power and money.

We're natural targets, because the idea of a male bodied person acting like a woman naturally makes people uncomfortable.

Sadly, people have always had views on something they find is different (or in their eyes) wrong and always want to get their opinions heard, even if no one wants to listen.

It is easier to poke fun or ridicule than it is to step back and try to understand.  I went to a boarding school in England for 4 years and every day we had to attend chapel services.  They lasted between 20 and 60 minutes.  We were taught love the neighbor, turn the other cheek etc, but at that age, it was in one ear and out the other, myself included.

This is my opinion for what it's worth and I sincerely hope it doesn't blow in my face.

As we grow up and evolve, we pick up on things from our peers and often we need to feel we fit in with them, by being just like them, saying or doing hurtful things to gain some sort of acceptance or approval.

Now back to my boarding school.  We had a boy in my house that had a lisp, another had very thick glasses, like Joe 90, the puppet show from the 60's, we had overweight kids, another boy that had as a very effeminate walk.  The other kids poked fun, named called and bullied them.  If you stuck up for those bullied kids, guess what, you were the next on their radar.  Sometimes self preservation kicks in and you fall in the bullies for being next.  Now I won't say I had an easy time at school but it was "easier" because I tried to conform.

Even after leaving school and being in the big wide world among what I will describe as chest beating males, I carried on trying to form, being trans/homophobic to some degree, trying to hide all the chinks in my armor.  I felt if I built up enough hate about this or that, it would eventually go away.  I doesn't and never will.

A lot has changed with society since I left school in 1983 but more needs to change.  I can only hope that any young people out there today, when they have their own kids in 20-30 years time and one of them comes up and say mom/dad, I am gay or transgender, that they will have more understanding and acceptance, not just from their parents, but other relatives, friends and the world.  We are not asking for much, we are just asking to be ourselves

It's not wrong to be different because of who you are.  We are ALL different in some way or another. 


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