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Changing my name on the forum

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Dear Jenniferangelina,

Good news, your new desired and requested screen display name and
new login/account name  JaezelMarie  are available.
It is required that both be the same.

Name changes will occur in 2 parts.
1. The first part is that you will see is that your Display/Screen name will be changed.

2. The second part involves a change of your Login/Account name to your member account that will be the same as your display/screen name... will receive a reactivation request as part of the login/account name change process.
If you fail to respond to the request, you will be locked out of your account.
After you respond to the request, you will use your new name as your login. 
This is done by our Forums Administrator @Devlyn  and it may be a short bit before she is able to get to it. 

If you lose contact during the name change process and can not login... can email Devlyn at 
or to me at  to straighten things out.   
IMPORTANT: Write down our email addresses if needed for future reference.

I have changed your screen name to JaezelMarie and then we will then proceed with changing your Login/Account name.
Please continue to use your current  Login/Account name until Devlyn changes it.

Global Moderator

cc:  @Devlyn

Dear Rakel @Rakel

Thank you sooo much!

PS I hope i did that right by doing @Rakel
There is a lot I need to learn to navigate this website properly

Happy Turkey Day!

Your login name is  now changed to JaezelMarie.  :)

Hugs, Devlyn

Ginger Tea:

I would like to change my name to Ginger Tea,
if it’s available.

Thank You so much,

Northern Star Girl:

--- Quote from: aksheila on January 13, 2022, 04:12:12 pm ---Hi,

I would like to change my name to Ginger Tea,
if it’s available.

Thank You so much,

--- End quote ---
Dear aksheila:
YES, the name that you requested  Ginger Tea  is available.

I will be posting a followup message to you with instructions just as soon
as I move your thread/request to this appropriate sub-forum as follows:

                  Changing my name on the forum,196460.0.html

Global Moderator


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