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calling all Vets for action!

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Jessica Merriman:
Just an example. If I did not have Medicare Depo Estradiol (Cypionate) for 90 day supply $89.00. With Medicare $2.55. Shawnee Oklahoma.

May I ask where you get your estradiol, and is it in stock?  Even a local Wal mart, I can find a way to get my prescription to them, but everywhere I call is out of stock around here:(   Thank you for the heads up:)  although I will be eventually going through the va, I'm not holding my breath anytime soon!

Hi Cynobyte:

I have been receiving MH counseling from the Hou VA for nearly a yr.  Once I indicated that I was Trans. and wanted to initiate transition, they started the process leading to an Endo + hormones + RX medication to reduce facial hair, + Lidocaine ointment to ease the pain of electrolysis +referral to an outside provider for "Voice therapy" training + guidance on changing my gender and name in the VA system (done)  I participated in an 8 week group therapy program for Trans vets. in the Spring and just started with a new group scheduled for 8 weeks on Monday.  Although it may seem that Houston has it all together and they've done a lot, I did run into a roadblock when it came to securing a letter from my prime care phys. clearing me medically for GRS.  I'm having my surgery done in Bangkok and they wouldn't provide the letter I needed saying that I was healthy enough to undergo the surgery.  Said if I was having the surgery done in the USA would not be a problem.  Had to go to a "private" phys. to get it.  (done).  They are however providing me with all of the tests, x-rays, EKG's etc. that I will need prior to surgery.  MH was great providing me with the letter that I needed for my surgeon in Bangkok. All in all, would rate them 8 out of 10.  Hope this info helps.

I'm jealous:)  I need to check, but I thought Texas was all one district?  If it is, I may need to call a little higher up if things don't go right to push this through:)

I thank you for that info..  I don't know what to say about the foreign medical clearance, most surgeries you don't recommend out of the country, and maybe that's what they were going by?  I'll look more into this this week and get back with you..  just had a liver biopsy, I would have rather broke my rib again!  Wow, it still stings:(  laters, j

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Living in Los Angeles, I was surprised that there were so many hurdles in trying to get treatment for Gender Dysphoria at the VA. Ultimately, I couldn't navigate the labyrinth of obstacles to make it happen. I went through my civilian job's Kaiser HMO plan, and it worked out wonderfully.

However, just the same, if I only knew where to start, and if the care personnel knew how to direct service members and vets... we could help others. Sadly, I haven't the slightest idea either, but I am willing to help!

Needless to say, as I tried googling some solutions, I found this interesting article:


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