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calling all Vets for action!

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Yea at 24, they may look past you.  Find me if you have problems..  I'll try to help. 

Postcards from the other side:)


  Mine is Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). It is an autoimmune disorder attacking the myelin sheath on the nerves. They use Prednasone (oral cortisone) for the younger set and Immunogloublin infusions for us older set. Both are quite effective for this disorder. This rare disorder covers all age groups and has no known cause as it was diagnosed in patients sometime before the 1950's. The related Guillian-Barre syndrome is far more common and has a fast onset of 2 hours to 2 weeks and requires intense medical care. Usually caused by the after effects of the flu, 90% of those patients get over it and they rarely relapse or morph into CIDP. CIDP has a slow onset of 3 months to decades and is often misdiagnosed as some other neuropathy. Relapses after treatment with CIDP are 20% in my over 60 age group.


Thank you cynobyte! Hopefully I'll get the job I just applied to and won't have to worry about insurance or the VA. But I would still like to help any of my future local trans veterans be able to easily get care and feel like a regular human being.

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What ever you need dear, just pm me the va's location, and I can call around later this week..

And Joelene, ouch, I know where you are comming:(  I got the nerve issue, but it didn't stop there. It did early onset of my diabetes, so prednisone is out..  it was in my lungs, spinal column, brain, testes, and muscle n joints.  I was on iv cytoxan for a year then on cellcept pills and other immunosuppressive drugs.  To be honest, the pot works great when the other drugs fail..  I'm going to look in cipd.  I've only heard of copd..  I use viagra for my lungs for whatever my lung issue is..  torture on the old dysphoria :(

Ok. Thanks guys..  I'm tired for once.. a 15 minute with a shrink turned out to be 2 hrs.  She said I was "interesting "?  Wish my wife would say that:)  laters

Postcards from the other side:)

Cynobyte: With how busy this week has been, and with today being V.D., it's been a little slow. After I go to bed and formally wake up, =p=p=p, I'm going to try and reach out to them. It's the one in Augusta, GA. I do appreciate them, but they seem a little behind. 

I'm sorry that y'all have the nerve issues and even further medical issues. My Local VA seems to think because I have depression/anxiety that everything else is just in my head, that's the only reason I have pain, that's the only reason my feet are messed up, that's the only reason I "might" be trans. Etc... 

Sleep well and sweet dreams! xD

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