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I love to cycle too. I have done two centuries on my road bike.

I Have ridden en femme a number of times on shorter rides on my hybrid.

A fun thing about cycling is you can wear female clothing top to bottom whether you are presenting female or not. All my biking clothes are women's.  😍

Hi all.
I find cycling helps enormously with both weight control and anxiety/depression. I guess it's the endorphins. I have a Canyon Ultimate that I use all the time here and even tried racing this year (on a motor racing circuit).
I thought I was reasonably bike fit until I holidays in Vermont last August. Hills, tracks and a cycle X machine was certainly a novel experience. Roll on!

V M:
Well it's that time of year, had to switch out tires for the snow the other week ago

"Love riding. Been doing it for over 30 years on the road.
Even been to the world championships.
Used to ride up to 600k per week and was super lean and super fast.
Descending on a quiet twisty road at good speed is hard to beat.!

Jenny - 600k a WEEK! most I ever managed was 100 miles. Where do you find the time? Were you (Gosh) a pro? ! I agree though, that there is little if anything to compare to that sense of freedom you get from descending at speed. Skiing comes close, but there it is largely gravity doing the work. Where I live at least, it is usually down to your own motor!
Roll on


--- Quote from: V M on December 29, 2015, 01:46:10 pm ---Well it's that time of year, had to switch out tires for the snow the other week ago

--- End quote ---

Haha, indeed!  That time of the year where the bike goes into the trainer inside.  SO boring to ride on a trainer  :(


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