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Avid mountain biker. Used to be an avid roadie. I was really into triathlons in my 20s and put a ton of miles on my road bike. In the last few years I have found more enjoyment mountain biking.

With winter coming, I’ll be switching to the indoor trainer and Zwift. And I’ll use the elliptical on days when I feel like being out of the saddle.

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I am from a country that's basically one big cycling road :P not having a bike here is something exceptional. I use my bike a lot, but still I'm overweight, too :P

Ah, I love cycling, though lately I've been too depressed to get motivated, exercising very little, I just get fat here. I have three bikes, two mountain bikes and my cyclocross bike, Canondale Caadx. Mostly I ride mountain, but I have plans to start hitting the road too soon as my bike gets back from repairs.

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I started riding regularly in May, as a way to deal with the boredom of lockdown. I usually do 5-10 miles per day, but managed to hit 108 miles in one week in October.

Colder temps and icy conditions have sidelined me for 2 weeks and I’m getting really frustrated.

I'm seriously considering buying a mountain bike again.


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