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Kellam, your middle name should be Dangerous, if it's not already :)  Luckily you can still be safe and ride fast, might be a good compromise for you.  The way you describe your riding screams bike messenger.  I always thought about doing that, but I follow traffic laws ;), which kind of gets in the way of that line of work.

I tend to ride on roads less traveled, but I'm generally out there to train.  Heavy traffic, and roads with a lot of stop lights, and stop signs go against what I need to accomplish to improve my skills and fitness.

- Kaylee

  I did got to school, work and other errands on the bike before getting a vehicle at age 39 in all weather. Never competed. Sidelined by a nasty form of neuropathy until just lately. I had my Specialized hybrid bike overhauled last month and took it to an event and rode it on the field and on a 1/2 mile long incline outside of the camp. It felt good after 15+ years! I never forgot how to ride the thing. Alas, in my neighborhood, an adult on a bike is fair game.


V M:
I've always loved bicycles and was an avid recreational cyclist for several years, unfortunately spinal and cerebral injuries have slowed me down a bit

I currently have a Mongoose 29" that I've put road tires on to get about town with  8)

I used to do a lot of road cycling.  I want to get back into it next summer.  We are now in an area that has quite a few paved rural roads with little traffic, so it ought to be ideal.

A few years ago, I customized my touring bike with a new set of gears specifically for mountain roads.  My goal at the time was to be able to tackle the highest paved mountain pass in Canada: Highwood Pass in Alberta.  I gave it an ultra-low "granny" gear for going up, and a very tall high gear for taking advantage of the downhill.  I managed to do the pass several times, always in spring before the road was opened to traffic. 

The downhill was worth the slog up: with a tailwind, I got up to 82km/h one time.  And nearly <not allowed> when I came around a bend at that speed and saw my cycling partner swerving to avoid a herd of mountain sheep!  No injuries, fortunately!

Lady Smith:
I love cycling.  I never competed, but I've still got some nice New Zealand made bikes from the 70s & 80s hanging up in the garage.  These days I prefer English bikes from the 1950s and earlier if I can find them.  A particular treasure is a rare 1950s 'Wearwell' path racer that was thrown in a skip by idiots who were cleaning out their grandad's old shed and didn't know what it was.  I don't ride so much now due to illness, but when I can it's wonderful to get out on one of my trusty old bikes.  They are truly freedom machines and I love them.


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