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Calling all TG Veterans. Military/Fire/EMS/Law

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As a veteran myself, I am super interested in finding those of you who have served in ANY capacity. Army, FEMA, Red Cross, Fire Dept., any service to your country. I am also interested in which gender you served as, and how that felt.

Ok, I will start.

I was in the Army, as a male. I deployed to Afghanistan. I was in a Ranger Battalion. It drove me to suicide, and ultimately ruined my career there. This opened the door for transition, leading me to where I am today.

I served in the Fire Department as a stealth woman. My fellow firefighters did not know and I did not tell. I was also an EMT. I loved my service there, but it wore me down. My Chief is begging me to come back, but that is probably not best for me right now. After SRS and settling in with my family I am seriously considering the option.

My service was long ago  as an MP and male. 71-73

I retired from the Army after 20 years as a male.  I was an officer so about 10 years as a mechanized Infantry platoon leader or Airborne Infantry Company Commander and Bde S3 plans officer.  I was also a Ranger but not in the Ranger Regiment.  The last 10 years were in a variety of other positions.  While being trans and feeling like I often didn't fit in I managed ok because I just told myself I had no options and I would deal with it after retirement.  Plus being an Army Paratrooper was worth it, trans or not.

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Hi Amy,

I was a police cadet for 3 years at a state university pre-transition. I had no issues with it, aside from being forced to participate in the female-only self defense course that we were required to do. I probably could've avoided it if I had come out, but I wasn't ready to do that at the time.

After graduation I was hired by a major metropolitan police department on the east coast, and worked there for two years without transitioning. I enjoyed the job, didn't like the chief of police, and overall didn't think it was the right environment for me to transition in. Looking back now and seeing how progressive the department has gotten in the last few years since I've been out, I wish I had stayed in. I am considering asking to be reinstated after I have bottom surgery.


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