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A privacy suggestion in the age of GPS enabled smartphones with cameras.

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--- Quote from: Miyuki on October 19, 2015, 05:46:30 pm ---OMG, thank you for posting this! I checked and it turns out that some of my older pictures had GPS data in them that could have led someone right to my home. Thankfully I was able to remove them, but now I'm left wondering if anyone got my info while they were still up...

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It takes a bit of savvy to realize how to do it but still, it's not hard to do. I wouldn't worry too much. Just be careful from now on...

Interesting post although I'm not quite sure why I should care if people know where I live... I mean I'm not exactly low profile in the UK, so I'm probably pretty damn easy to find anyway! Nevertheless it is interesting to read that this is technically possible, and I'm tempted to see if I can find the plugin as I share your interest in photography.

  There is Google maps. Why I say that? Today I found a picture in a news article mentioning Las Vegas of a residential area on the outskirts of Las Vegas with some interesting terracing on the side of the hill overlooking that neighborhood. I found it on Google maps and the angle from street view. Careful of the landmarks in your images, especially around home. Public places like Disneyland or Yosemite OK, but not at your place of work, home, friends, or family. I learned about maps before I read the primer on Dick and Jane in the late 1950's. I also can remember land-forms as I travel by road, even at night.
  It is not hard to determine exact location from known landmarks or of the ones you know. There are some people like me who go on Google maps and don't usually type in the location, we just zoom in on it. I found the location of a certain antisemitic Semite masquerading as a Russian Orthodox monk who rants his anti Jewish and anti LGBT hate stuff on You Tube. I found his place in Frisco, CO. He records his rants on a deck with a familiar mountain background and road with unique features.



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