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« on: October 20, 2015, 08:19:34 am »
Hey, everyone, Hi, so I am new here, just registered, because I wanted to ask some question about MTF transition, I aim to start my transition by the age of 25, I am 22 years old now, and I knew that I am a girl, almost all my life, enough with the introduction now...

So I wanted to know about body changes and especially voice changes solely by HRT, and I have read that the hips of a person do not necessarily become wider, but I already have wide hips, I gain all of my fat on my thighs and hips, it's wide enough that if one only looks at my lower body from the back, than they won't know that I am a guy, so how would it affect me, will I be able to keep my hips, or will I lose them?

And about voice, so I don't have a girly voice but I also don't have a manly one, so will HRT be able to make it more girly considering my age, and please take a look at me, and tell what do you think about how much I will change by HRT, just so you know, I plan to have a Rhinoplasty before beginning my transition, so do keep that in mind, when thinking how girly I will look.

Sorry for unloading all like that...hehe.

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Re: Transition
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Hello and welcome  :)

Well imo some people are made for this.
Quite a few transgender people have some characteristics of their identified gender already.
With hormones there is fat redistribution which might be of advantage.
How much cannot be exactly said, its a matter of waiting and see.
Same for the face.,196114.msg1746140.html#msg1746140

Here are some hints concerning voice:,190936.msg1701516.html#msg1701516

The voice once lowered by hormones does not go back up with estrogen.
Training is necessary, which imo is mostly a matter of persistent training, a few minutes every day.

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Re: Transition
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Welcome to Susan's Place. Hormones affect the voice very little. You have two tools to obtain a feminine voice, therapy and surgery. I suggest you start with therapy as many can produce a feminine sounding voice with therapy alone. Should you need surgery, you will still need what you learned in therapy with the new voice. In my case, my voice was so low that I needed the combination of therapy and surgery to raise my voice into the feminine range. There is a voice thread where you can learn about surgery and therapy. You should also start working on facial hair as it is a slow process to clear your face. Also some treatments require 2 or 3 days of growth and passing with that much growth is near impossible. As for what hormones will do to you, that varies from person to person. My face changed very little but I have seen some that changed a great deal. Makeup and hair style will be your best tools to produce a presentable image.

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