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What are you driving??

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I couldn't find a topic like this anywhere so I thought, as a self confessed petrolhead, I'd start one and be nosey, see what all you lovely guys and girls are driving.

I'm currently rocking my Mum tank, a 2008 Volvo XC70 D5 SE Premium Geartronic and I love it. It's my third Volvo in a row and I can't see us being without a Volvo now. I've had all sorts of cars, from hot hatches to 4x4's and we are currently looking for a new Mini for my fiancee though we are after a Clubman for the little one and the pets.

So here's mine, now I wanna see yours :)

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I should have mentioned, I used to be a professional detailer and I am very sad when it comes to cleaning the car! It now has my private plate on it and a few other mods but I'm not putting up a recent pic as they were taken 2 months ago; 5,000 miles later, it still hasn't had a wash because I've been busy so it's rank!

I wanna see yours now, lets have a car talk thread! xx

2003 Chevy S-10 with the extended cab. Bought it when I was a senior in high school. I'm 30 now and it's still moving along nicely. It's rear wheel drive and an absolute disaster in the snow. It's just good for hauling some stuff :P. I've been thinking about getting a Subaru but I kind of just want to stick with what I have until it's on its last leg.

Oooh nice :) I've had a Subaru but I sold it after 5 weeks due to the image they have over here; driven by baseball cap wearing muscly guys, usually with huge silly exhausts and speeding sideways everywhere! Mine was a blob eye Impreza sport hatch WRX STi in blue with gold wheels of course lol.

Cracking cars and indestructible things! I love the AWD on my Volvo though, it's great in the snow and it's now showing 148,000 miles and you'd never tell  :angel:

What a painful topic. I'm currently in mourning.  :'( Recently parted with the absolute love of my life, a cherry red 2004 Acura RSX. My poor baby. Lost and alone, out in the cold cruel world without me in the driver's seat.

Okay, I'm exaggerating -- but only a little! I really did love that car from pseudo-futuristic dash to its leather seats to its doofy lil tail fin. And it drove so beautifully. I used to make trips up and down the U.S. west coast. Would've kept this car until I drove it into the ground, tbh, but I needed the money. So I paid my tuition, but at what cost? [More gross sobbing]

Lovely! In red too, me likey! They're badged as a Honda Integra over here and are quite rare, especially in the coveted Type R form :D

I'm starting to look like a boring old woman with my Volvo haha. I used to have an Alfa Romeo 159. Does that count haha. We've had 8 cars in the last 4 years between us but I've had the Volvo for a while now. Love it  :angel:

Shame your RSX had to go, but I'm sure you'll find a suitable replacement before long!! xx


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