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What are you driving??

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Ah, the Volvo's grand, though. Definitely a mom car (;)), but only because they're so nice and dependable. I'd drive one, for sure.

No new cars for me, sadly! I moved back over to your side of the Atlantic, and if I'm honest, the wires are still a little bit crossed re: which side of the road to drive on. :D I've almost died on my bike upwards of a dozen times now. Put me behind a wheel, and god only knows what'd happen.

Haha, you wouldn't say that if you came across it lol, 2.4 5 cylinder diesel Polestar mapped to 205bhp, 450nm torque :D It's faster than my Alfa was, but that was a 1.9 diesel. With doing 30,000 miles ish a year, something nice and comfy was needed. Also, I need an auto these days as I had a huge, near fatal crash 4 years ago as a passenger and I nearly lost a leg and it crushed my spine so I have some bad spinal discs, making clutch pedals hard work!

I gave up riding a motorbike for this!! I used to have a 2004 Burnt Orange Suzuki SV650 with lots of mods!

Yeah, I hired a car on holiday in Spain last year; I was fine over there but when I came back :O I was awful lol

 I drive a Toyota Sienna van, your Volvo look like a sports car compared to it. My favorite car was 67 VW bug cabriolet (convertable) was such a fun car to drive.

My neighbor thinks I drive a very unfeminine car but I still love it. I have a 96 Ford Mustang GT with the 4.6 L engine, 5 speed manual in Pacific green. When I went to buy it, I told the salesman that was the only color I didn't want but it was year end and the selection was very limited. Naturally I nicknamed the car Kermit as the result of the song "It's not easy being green".

Beautiful cars girls!!! I drive a ford SUV. But moving permanently to the uk soon and hoping to get myself a volkswagen beetle (dream car)

Mustangs are hot!!! And you sure look fabulous driving it! xx


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