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Sometimes I just need the human touch...

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I was having a <not allowed> time this afternoon and really wanted to reach out and talk with someone...not just anyone but someone who could understand how I felt, had experienced similar things to me or even different but within the trans experience. Its one thing to talk to a family member or friend but they can never really understand how you feel or what it's like to experience the kind of trauma's we experience. I am not looking to cry on anyone's shoulder but for those times when you feel like <not allowed> and really want the human connection.

Sarah T

Hugs Sarah,

I'm here if you want to talk

Just having one of those days...thanks Cindy I don't even know why I am feeling <not allowed>...I shouldn't be

Sometimes we do, sometimes we are so alone, sometimes the horizon is too far.

Sometimes we need to lean on each other.

Welcome to Susan's :-*

That is why we are here for each other.

 :icon_cry2: :icon_cry2: I had a good cry and felt much better after that!! :) :) Feels very is great to come here and get the support you need...thanks


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