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Sometimes I just need the human touch...

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Ms Grace:
Yeah, some days just suck for no apparent reason... often they're the most frustrating because it's so hard to put a finder on what the problem may be. I usually put it down to a whole bunch of little to middling things kind of welling up at the same time, it creates quite a dissonance. It makes sense for those things to show up when we think we should be good, they usually fade into the background when we've got the super bad stuff going on in our life - but demand to be dealt with when it seems to be plain sailing again.

I have felt this way a couple of times in the last month but after a good cry I always felt better.
Never underestimate the theraputic value of a good cry.

I do hope you are feeling OK now.


Hugs to you all and I am feeling much better now. I really have done myself injustice over the years by not allowing myself a therapeutic cry...I find I use it more now that I ever have...I think the constant stress of the dysphoric feelings gets to me after awhile today started because I was thinking about the different things I had to do as part of transition along with the enormity of transition...Ms Grace I do like your reasoning behind why I felt so <not allowed> despite thinking I shouldn't. It rings true for me.

Sarah T 


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