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My mom decided to give me a gift of some feminine jewelry that she hand made. The first female gift she ever gave me! She gave me 3 bracelets, and 2 necklaces. I gave her the earrings back as my ears are hypersensitive to anything but gold. She then suggested I get some gold hoops to wear with it! This is a big step forward. I am actually looking forward to Christmas this year to see if this is the beginning of a family trend.

Here's what she gave me tonight...

If you would like to order some jewelry from her, her name is Betty, and  the address to her web site is She creates custom designs on request.

Oh Marvelous.  Your mum seems very talented :)  Does she ship outside the States?  I'd love a necklace similar to your piccie.  Real Peals?  Either way, it's beautiful.

It's possible she would consider international shipping. You would need to contact her and ask her. She would likely require both the item and it's shipping to be prepaid. Materials vary depending on what the person wants. The necklace and bracelets she gave me were glass bead but very pretty none the less.

Beautiful jewelry and a beautiful breakthrough, Susan.



Terrific gift.  made with love by your mom. that's sweet. ooh now that christmas is coming, i may order some things.  thanks for providing us with her website.


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