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OK TWD fans, what do you think?  Is he or isn't he? 

Just answer yes or no so there's no spoiler in case people haven't seen it yet.

My answer is NO.

I will watch it tonight so i will let you know when i do! Haha

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Ok watched it. You mean glenn? Obv not. He was under the dead guys corpse

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I think he is, but now was he on the walkie-talkie?

I think it was Glen on the walkie-talkie but somebody said they thought it was the one who stole the motorcycle.  But they didn't take Daryl's radio.  When Abraham was smoking the cigar sitting on the Hummer on the bridge I kept looking at it.  I started laughing because I drove over that bridge four days earlier.  Funny to see places you actually know in the show.


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