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Magic Pill for only new MTF
« on: January 07, 2006, 12:07:26 am »
If you are deep on your journey of MTF this thread is too basic for you.

If you are starting your journey please continue to read for the magic pill:
1.  There is no magic pill.  If are are truly new in this journey you will not believe this statement.  You will buy every non-prescription pill, cream and lotion on the market.  The sellers will be glad to sell them to you and will guarantee them.  However you will be too embarassed to ask for your money back when they do not work.
2.  Talk to your spouse or significant other because one day you will grow breasts.  That is correct.  You will eventually grow breasts with non-prescription pills but you will not get close to being a MTF.  A MTF does want to grow breasts, but a man does not want to grow breasts.
3.  Talk to other people that may have some of your feelings.  If you found Susan's site you are truly blessed because you will find you are not alone.
4. Be sure you want to transition because after you transition if you did not want to transition you will be truly transitioned!
5. Get some professional help. 
6. Never use prescription meds without medical help.  You will get sick when you use the non-prescription pills.  Imagine how sick you will become when you take two of the wrong black market prescription pills.
7.  I got lucky and found this site.  I would help you more but I am only to step 7.  Now go read the other threads.  Most of the people will help you and will try to steer you down the correct path which may or may not be MTF.

Thank you Susan's Place and the kind folks that share their time and experiences!  God bless!