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"Thanks" or "Like" button



I'm not sure whether this has been suggested before.

I find "thanks" or "like" button will be useful because:

1. It shows appreciation and encourages people to help. Of course the help itself feels good but everyone would feel happier knowing their help is appreciated.

2. A majority of helpful posts are not qualified for a rep

3. Posting a new reply just for thanking is more abusive and spamming to the forum than simply clicking "thanks button".

Let me know what you guys think.

Ms Grace:
Once you reach 50 posts you will have access to a +1 button that you can use to applaud a helpful or quality post. The reason it takes that many posts to reach is because the system (and it's inverse, the -1 smite) were being misused and abused by a lot of new people to the forum. In the meantime, before you get there, there is absolutely nothing wrong with replying "thank you" to people you feel have been helpful. :)


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