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Health test timing
« on: September 25, 2007, 05:24:17 pm »
I am my primary physician's first MtF transsexual patient.  So a lot of the stuff that's happening is new to both of us.  At my last visit she asked me to find out from my endo (who is much more experienced), if I didn't know already, at what point after taking hormones and growing breasts I should have a mammogram.  She also wondered about the requirements for a PSA test, a test of the health of the prostate gland.  When should it be done, if ever?  And, will the results be artificially skewed because of the HRT?

I will ask my endo when I see him in a few weeks and I was wondering what the experiences of the other transwomen on this site have been.  Did you get a mammogram?  How long after starting HRT?  Did it work out OK, tolerance wise?  And was a PSA test ever recommended?

Thank you ahead of time for sharing!

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