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Ive been struggling to find a bra size that fits my frame.

I am 37.-38" under bust and 41" over bust.

My fave so far is a 38b full cover underwire i got from costco.

My problem is it rides up when i sleep and shifts around sometimes while i move around.

I checked lasenza size chart for referance and it says im a 38D which i find extremely odd. Ive ordered a 36b to see if a snugger fit will stay put as my 38 is as tight as it goes which ive read is usually only for when they stretch out not intended for a new bra which it is.

Im kind of wondering if its due to my upper torso getting larger as it goes up giving me a false measurement on my cup size / over bust.

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Am i allowed to post a pic of my bra fit to get some insight? No nudity of course.

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The unfortunate fact is that there are no real industry standards for bra sizing-- or women's clothing sizes, for that matter. Manufacturers deliberately vary their sizes in an effort to retain customers (don't ask for the logic in that). The only real way to try a couple on and buy one of that brand. In another brand or style a different size number may fit you better.

Ty lyric ill continue to shop around haha one day ill work up the nerve to get fitted properly!

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TG CLare:
I would venture that you are actually a C cup. 1" difference in chest to bust size gives the cup size.

If it's riding up, possibly the shoulder straps are too tight or the band itself is too loose. I find that sometimes I had to go to a smaller band size for a better fit.

Manufacturer's vary sizes of women's clothes as a vanity thing. A size 10 dress with one might be a size 12 with another. Every woman wants to be a size 10. (lol) That's why it's a PITA to order things online or not trying them on for fit.

Unless you go for a fitting, it's trial and error I'm afraid and that can be expensive as well as uncomfortable!

Good luck but once you find something that fits well, stay with the manufacturer as they should be consistent on sizes.



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