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Surgical modifications


The company that I work for has their main office in a small town that has a major distinction from your average small town. Basically, There are a lot of strip clubs and other adult establishments located in the general area. I do not mean the one or two that most towns have, I know of at least 10 or more. I personally do not frequent these types of places but I can generally distinguish the ladies who work in them from the normal “Volvo driving soccer moms”. 

Here is what happened. When I had lunch today in a local restaurant and saw a middle-aged woman with breasts that were most likely made by mankind instead of by genetics. I glaced repeatedly at her and the only thing I could think was honey,  "I sure hope you did that for yourself and not for someone else". 

This applies equally well to Transsexuals. The things that are surgically done to your body should be solely for your self. Don’t do it because this is how society thinks women should look, or because you think someone else would prefer this breast size over that one, don’t go get the facial surgery to appease others do it for your self.

If it is something that will make you happy then by all means you should consider it but if not then you should seriously consider skipping it.

The irony is that most guys I know think implants are ugly.

A further irony that others have commented on is that if I wanted <not allowed> the size of beach balls, all I'd have to do is pony up the cash. I want them removed, so I have to have therapists letter, visits to a psychiatrist and a crapload of medical intervention.


Weird. I seem to have put off a nullification due to the fact that EVERYONE I talk to outside of the TS/TG community thinks i'd be better off keeping it. =\


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