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An interesting statistic-transgender veterans

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stephaniec posted an article about a trans woman who survived war, PTSD and transphobia.  One noticeable statistic in the article was UCLA estimates 21% of transgender adults in the U.S. are veterans compared to estimates of <10% to 13% of all adults having served.  Basically, we are almost twice as likely to have seen military service as people who are not gender gifted.  That got me to thinking why that big a spread in numbers. 

So why did you join the military?

I confess I had two reasons.  I was just before my 19th birthday and I knew I was soon going to get that letter saying, "Congratulations, you have won an all expense paid tour of Southeast Asia."  I was working for an airline at the time so I wanted aviation which really meant Navy or Air Force.  One advantage to the Navy was ships with all those men! ;)

My second and biggest reason was I was convinced boot camp would cure me of these feelings I should have been female.  Remember, that was 1968 and I didn't know any better. 

Nicole Wilson:
I am a veteran, i had wanted to serve since i was knee high to a grasshopper, but keep my true self hidden while in plus i was able to escape my step parents  who refused that the fact that i  female on th inside.  have not talk to or seen them since 1999,   but i would have served in any form to begin with, one of the hardest things for me was hiding the fact i dressed under my bdu's and dcu's while state side and in Iraq .

My direct reason at the time was "why not?"
A little more on this... I was working a retail job about 7 months in. I was bored with life, all I would do is work, go home, play video games, be on the internet, eat, sleep, wake up, and do it all over again. Life was going no where, I had a retail job in which was going nowhere, basically dead end, even though at my 6 month mark I was promoted, it was a 9-5 style job, just a little earlier in the morning, Sunday and Monday off. Minimum wage, never doing anything. I had no aspirations of going back to school at the time. Didn't have a car (was always catching rides to and from work), no real responsibilities.
Life was boring, other than the fact I was showing signs thereof where I am now. Had a female persona online, in games, and game forums since late 2003.

At the time it was simply cause I could sign up, and just go. Thinking back to it, I was essentially running away from myself, away from the monotony of an exterior life at a stasis, and an online life just eating away at me, being consumed by the electronic prison in which captivated the true me.

Kate <3

Jessie Ann:
To pay for my education.  Army ROTC for 2 years undergraduate and Army National Guard for law school and for 6 years after.  Allowed be to become a lawyer almost debt free and my student loans were all paid off within 5 years of graduating law school.

♥︎ SarahD ♥︎:
I'm happy to say I never joined the army - closest I've ever been to that sort of thing is playing Airsoft / Paintball with my friends (still have my modified replica M4 with M203 underslung grenade launcher :)  The M4 spits out BBs at around 230fps, which is pretty close to the max limit of what most airsoft sites will allow lol :P).

It doesn't surprise me that trans women would take part in "extremely masculine" things like joining the army at a higher rate than the general populous as a misguided attempt to "man up" and get rid of the feminine side of us.  I mean heck, my reasons for getting involved in things like airsoft and paintball were pretty much the same lol :P  It also doesn't surprise me that this never seems to work (at least not in the long term) - testament to the fact that this is not a part of ourselves that can be changed like conservative thinkers incorrectly believe.


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